Hello our names are Jessica & Lee, founders of Majestic Coven. We met in 2020 during the height of COVID-19, but despite everything we managed to see each other and quickly our love blossomed and the rest is history as they say...

The Beginning

Majestic Coven originally started out as Majestic Tarot in January of 2021, Jessica who had just become qualified in Tarot Reading offered her services and skills and it wasn't until a few months later in March 2021 that Jessica and Lee put their heads together and decided to rebrand to Majestic Coven expanding into the realm of handmade candles and spell jars.

Lee had already some experience with candles and wax melts having previously made and sold them which made things a great deal easier to get started as we had the knowledge and the equipment / materials ready and waiting.

  • *Some of our first products


Over the next few months and ultimately the entirety of 2021 the business continued to grow.

Lee unfortunately was let go from his long term job in early 2021 which at the time was very hard to deal with but looking back was a blessing as it gave us the motivation to really work on the business and make it work.

Over the rest of the year we worked on new products, adding as many new candles and scents as we could think of and introducing things like crystals, jewellery and more!

The Future

2021 was a great year of growth for our small business, we had over 200 orders, had our first wholesale customer and experienced our first Black Friday and Christmas sale period.

We have learned a lot from our first year in business and we will continue to grow and expand. We have many ideas and plans that we can't wait to share with everyone.

We would like to thank all of our wonderful customers and supporters without you our dreams would not be possible ❤

Jessica & Lee x